Saturday, September 13, 2008

Music and a few sites

Monday 15th, we start another school year; a brand new school (1 year old), new students and colleagues, new everything. The bilingual (year 1) and the ICT programs are also starting this year, so I'm really looking forward to it, (although I still could take a few weeks holidays).
You know I like using music to enjoy myself with the students, so I've prepared a song to start, Dancing Queen by ABBA. I hope they like it. I sang it hundred times with the teachers I was in US this summer, it is "our song".

A few more things: have you heard of this funny Craigslit?, a definition by is "A Web site of classified ads and community notices that serves an urban area. It was started in 1995 in San Francisco by Craig Newmark and since spread to hundreds of cities in more than 50 countries". It's interesting to have a look at it, funny the notices you can find there.

I like the missed connection posts, where people leave messages to other people when they have missed an opportunity to make that special connection, as an example I link here the Boston missed connection list. I found out about it at my friend Ali and her roommates' blog. They are six students living in Washington (around 21) and are going to post about their life together, opinions, etc. A nice initiative with fresh and cool language and content for sure.

And just another funny site I found out lately and want to share with you, useful to work with collocations in real English contexts We feel fine. Thousands of quotes from posts in blogs that are classified according to the type of feeling, location, etc. Good to read about feelings and to reflect upon them.

What's today's feeling? A mixture of nostalgia for the past and excitement about all the new adventures ahead of me.

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