Monday, December 13, 2004

Christmas song

It feels like Christmas is already here. We all are speeding up, getting ready to have a good time with the family and friends. I really need a rest now.

Today, Pilar Almendros, a colleague from Seville has sent me a CD with some of the songs I've got on my website. I've already got 3 CDs with almost all the songs. The first two CDs were collected by Dionisio (an "asesor" from Murcia). Many thanks to both of them.
In this last CD, Pilar included the Christmas son "jingle bell rock". I couldn't help preparing the activities. It's a lively song and I hope my students like it. We'll do it at the end of the week. Thanks Pilar.

I'm also very happy about the experience my students and I are having with the reading blog,
they are doing very well.

Another novelty is the WebQuest about AIDS I've prepared together with my friend Mercedes de la casa. And a reading exercise about AIDS, too.

that's all

Monday, December 06, 2004

educa online

I have spent a few days in Berlin at Educa online conference. Information about it and about former conferences can be found at this site.
There are some interviews and videos on this site (you have to be a member to have access to the site, but it's free).