Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Moodlemoot conference at the Open University

As a user of Moodle I have appreciated the opportunity to watch and listen to the keynotes in the last Moodlemoot conference celebrated last week at the OU.
This is why Internet is really great! instant communication and sharing of ideas.

Enjoy the videos, and read the summary of the talk of the founder of Moodle.


I know everything has to do with economic reasons and at this time of my life I should know it is difficult to change that, but there are still people that for other non economic reasons, (could we call it just generosity, love, whatever,..?) invest their time and energy in entrerprises that perhaps are not so profitable. I have been in Mostar in the Center that the University of Granada shares with the two Universities there ("Džemal Bijedić" University and the University of Mostar) under the framework of the European project called JustMostar. In my opinion, it should be only one university, but after being there it is obvious that's not easy.
It has been an invaluable experience. Hilario Ramírez made it possible. He is one of those dreamers still singing John Lennnon's song.
The course was organised with the collaboration of the Centro Mediterraneo at the University of Granada.

Samiyusuf and Outlandish "I've seen" (Lyrics)