Monday, September 24, 2007

Las palabras de un juez de menores

Me lo ha enviado una colega, y creo que tiene un gran sentido común; como dice el juez "hemos perdido el norte" y un buen resumen "estamos implicados todos"

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Under my umbrella

Volvemos al aula, Uf!! cuesta un poco ¿no?.

En mi caso, después de casi tres años fuera de la secundaria trabajando con proyectos de elearning a nivel de universidad me reincorporo al aula con bastantes ganas. Se me ha ocurrido empezar con esta canción que está sonando bastante.
Podéis ver los ejercicios que he preparado en esta página.

Ánimo a todos, y ya sabéis aquí estamos para apoyarnos unos a otros "under each other's umbrella"

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Summer in England

Finally, I didn't do anything very exotic. I just went to England in August to follow a course on language development and CLIL. I wanted to feel like a teacher again before I go back to teaching in a secondary school, after a tree year break working with elearning projects in the UGR.

I was in one of those small and traditional English towns with a "merry-go round" on the beach and a main street that always has a Tesco and a little old second hand bookshop.
And, as usual in UK, I felt homesick; this comes from a mixture of bad weather,(rainy, windy, changeable, etc.), expensive life (6 euros for 1 trip in the tube) and dirty carpets. It always reminds me my first visit to this island, when apart from those things I also realised my English was terrible and I felt myself stupid for not being able to understand English in England.

Anyway, apart from that typical feeling that somehow made me laugh, I had a nice time, met great teachers and people and enjoyed the beach on the last day (it was sunny!!). See some pictures from this journey.

Now, just waiting for a new life teaching in a new school: