Wednesday, November 23, 2011

CLIL Units in English , French and German

It's a long time I haven't post anything, mostly due to lack of time, and also because I post more often via twitter.

But this time it is really worthy to insert a post with a link to the "Materiales AICLE" designed under the initiative of the Consejería de Educación in Andalucía. 130 units for various subjects and levels (primary and secondary) and in three L2s: English, French and German. They were designed by 20 experienced CLIL teachers that, in my opinion, did a wonderful job.

All of them were supported and assessed by Francisco Lorenzo (Universidad Pablo Olavide) and Domingo Ángel Ruíz from CEP Jaén and Universidad de Jaén, and coordinated by Ana Medrano from the Regional department, together with a team of native collaborators that have revised language use.

The focus was put in the methodology and integration of language and content. The result is a bank of excellent materials that can be used by 800 bilingual school in Andalusia, but also by any CLIL teachers everywhere in the world. These materials also mean to serve as a model on how to design units using a CLIL approach.
They are free and available online at: