Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Have a look at this wonderful project “Daring Reporters” from IES Ronda in Lleida, Catalonia. It has won the Young Digital Poland Award for best use of ICT in the eLearning Awards.
It is a really great example of imagination and enthusiastic work with the students. Congrats!


Tuesday, January 17, 2006

some news

Hi everyone,

Manuel López asked me to link a geographic game that it is also an annual contest for students of Secondary Education. You can find it here

I also would like to suggest you answer a questionnaire developed within a European project called Detecting and Removing Obstacles to Foreign Language Teaching Abroad (DROFoLTA). The aim is to find out the obstacles to teacher mobility in the Union.
It can be done in different European languages:

Last, but not least I have included a link to a site called "The Human Being and The Affective Element". It's been developed by a working group on that topic and teaching English. It includes lot of useful material to work in the classroom.


Sunday, January 15, 2006

cuestionario de selectividad

Miguel Fernández Álvarez que está realizando una tesis sobre los tests de selectividad, me ha pedido incluir un enlace a un cuestionario sobre este tema en la página de selectividad, invitando a todos aquellos profesores que queráis colaborar a rellenarlo. Podéis encontrarlo enlazado desde la página de selectividad o en


Sunday, January 08, 2006

new year, new look

You may have noticed that I have introduced some changes in my site. I spent part of our "fiestas" doing that. The most relevant novelty is what I called "The Web Learning Tube". I still have to developed many of the lines and routes, but at least I have finished the design of the idea and I have selected many of the resources. I have been planning this since September and I hope it is helpful for the classroom.
I also took advantage of Google to put a "search this site" form. I have some more plans, but unfortunately I do not have much more time.