Saturday, September 01, 2007

Summer in England

Finally, I didn't do anything very exotic. I just went to England in August to follow a course on language development and CLIL. I wanted to feel like a teacher again before I go back to teaching in a secondary school, after a tree year break working with elearning projects in the UGR.

I was in one of those small and traditional English towns with a "merry-go round" on the beach and a main street that always has a Tesco and a little old second hand bookshop.
And, as usual in UK, I felt homesick; this comes from a mixture of bad weather,(rainy, windy, changeable, etc.), expensive life (6 euros for 1 trip in the tube) and dirty carpets. It always reminds me my first visit to this island, when apart from those things I also realised my English was terrible and I felt myself stupid for not being able to understand English in England.

Anyway, apart from that typical feeling that somehow made me laugh, I had a nice time, met great teachers and people and enjoyed the beach on the last day (it was sunny!!). See some pictures from this journey.

Now, just waiting for a new life teaching in a new school:

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Ana Concejero said...

So nice to hear from you!Welcome "home"! Where are you going to work? In Granada or here in Málaga? Your future students will be lucky for having a teacher like you !