Friday, May 16, 2008

Updates - actualizaciones

Lately, I've been quite busy updating links in the CLIL section

Then, I'm also trying to change some of the hotpotatoes exercises that don't work with the mozilla browser, but I still need to modify quite a lot. This is important because in the "centros TIC" in Andalucía we only have Guadalinex, I hope to have finished by the end of May.

I have uploaded a new workshop "Dinamización de centros TIC".

What else? I'm quite satisfied with the work some of my students are doing in the blogs and wikis, especially those in 2º idioma

Finally, I have added quite a few songs with activities, many of them were sent by other teachers (thanks!), but also some old songs like this fantastic "you've got a friend" written by Carole King and sung here by James Taylor in 1971.

Enjoy the weekend

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Ojeda said...

Thanks so much, Isa for the quick update and for the pleasant evening.
See you soon, paya.