Wednesday, December 26, 2007

'Queen's Speech' and insane people

Don't miss this year's Christmas Broadcast or 'Queen's Speech' in the recently open "Royal Channel" at You Tube. It worth watching it till the end just to see a somehow delighted and delightful "Queen's smile" wishing everybody Merry Christmas. You can also watch the entire video from 1957 or many other royal recordings there (embedding is disabled, so I can't insert any of these videos here).

Her majesty has always looked so much in her right mind that she gets on my nerves.

In contrast and nothing to do with this, but you know I like "mixing" everything and putting it all together in the same basket, and just to liven up (?) this post you can watch and listen to this great song by Luigi Tenco. The italian singer that died in 1967 in strange circumstances after his song was not accepted to take part in the Festival of San Remo.

The song has been sung by many other present-day singers that I also love (Mauro Ermanno Giovanardi or Simone Cristicchi). In that video Cristicchi, born in 1977, is talking about his last CD and book about "i matti" the insane, crazy and mad people (nothing to do with the Queen). Cristicchi won the 2007 edition of San Remo with the song "te regalero una rosa. Curious connection with Luigi Tenco

And then, to complicate it all a bit more you can listen to this desperate French song by Dalida. She was with Luigi Tenco on the those days in 1967 and also committed suicide but 20 years later, in 1987.

Obviously she was "malade" or fully mad.

Here the same song by the author, Serge Lama, Great!!

You see, I'm learning some French and Italian (and some cabbala) this Christmas 2007. And taking some rest, too.

"7" is the linking number here: 1957, 1967, 1977, 1987, 2007. What about the connection in 1997?

Anyway, let's put some order and good sense again, and some sense of humour, why not?
A final encouraging song by Garou and Celine Dion, "Sous le Vent".

I doubted which video I should embed, and finally I chose this humorous one, but you can also watch the proper one at

Now, enjoy this sweet "paroles":

Et si tu crois que j'ai eu peur
C'est faux
Je donne des vacances à mon cœur
Un peu de repos
Et si tu crois que j'ai eu tort
Respire un peu le souffle d'or
Qui me pousse en avant

Et si tu crois que c'est fini
C'est juste une pause, un répit
Après les dangers

Joyeux Noël!!

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