Saturday, June 09, 2007

Erasmus - Higher education Gold for the University of Granada

The University of Granada got the Erasmus - Higher Education Gold Award.
This University heads the latest Erasmus statistics in absolute figures in students' mobility and holds fourth place in terms of lecturers.

In the years 2005-06 I took part in a project called VICTORIOUS , we were 10 partners coordinated by the Coimbra Group of Universities, and from the work we've done there I can confirm that Granada University is very popular among European students. So it is a pleasure to announce this very deserved award.

Those working in the International Office in Granada University are doing a great job, though still there's lot to do in terms of using technologies to support International programmes, both from the administration perspective and from the students and lecturers' needs.
My sincere congratulations to my University! Well Done!!

I found this page about being an ERASMUS in Granada in the University of Edinburgh web site.

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