Saturday, March 31, 2007

lemon tree song and prepositions

It's Easter holidays in most schools in Spain. In my present job I work until Maundy Thursday. But, after a very busy month I have spent sometime checking some of the activities other teachers prepared in my last workshops. I found very creative activities and good links. One of the link I bumped into was this wonderful flash clip of the song lemon tree (Juande Aguilera had it in his blog). I already had that song in my list of songs, but when I found this nice flash I felt like preparing an online exercise
and updating the song.
I hope students enjoy it and learn about the use of verbs and prepositions.
I enjoyed it a lot preparing the activity, for me it's kind of relaxing.

I wonder How, I wonder Why ...............


Teresa Mtz. del Piñal said...

Thank you very much indeed, dear colleague! I enjoy this activity during my break.
¡Fenómeno, que eres un fenómeno! y un ejemplo y un estímulo para las horas bajas...Gracias de corazón desde Cantabria. Aquí estamos, en un cole de Primaria "pá lo que gustes mandar"
Teresa Mtz. del Piñal

Isabel Pérez said...

Muchas gracias a vosotros!,