Tuesday, September 26, 2006

wonderful authentic material

I'm preparing a new webquest about climate change and searching for links and videos related to this issue I found some wonderful videos from different extraordinary people, like the one of Jane Goodall,the Chimpanzee Ethnologist.
Again I am spending my sleeping time watching videos, but they are so great!



Anonymous said...

Hello Isabel!!!
I'm an English teacher in a small high school in Asturias. I've using your wonderful page in class for 6 years now and I want to tell you that the students really enjoy it. We have worked on vocabulary, grammar, web quests etc using your own page or your links and everything is superb. I encourage you to keep working!!!

Anonymous said...

Aunque ya hace varios meses del curso de webquests en el sur de Gran Canaria, he seguido visitando tu blog y tu página, y no he dejado de aprender cosas nuevas e interesantes.

¡Muchas gracias por el buen trabajo que haces!

Anonymous said...


I like your site a lot.

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