Sunday, February 11, 2007

Becoming a Webhead 2007

One more year I'm taking part in the online workshop series "Becoming a Webhead 2007", my presentation will take place online on 15 February. It will be about "creating online quizzes", and for that purpose I have revised and updated the workshop on this page. There were quite a few changes on the sites and links I include. Like Discovery channel that does not offer the possibility of creating a custom classroom any more.

But the news here is that you can listen and see other presentations by great experts on the field at this link. If you are interested in using technology in the language classroom this is a wonderful opportunity to learn a few things.

Information about the whole event can be found on this site

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Tocotó said...

Hola Isabel, este comentario no tiene nada que ver con el post, pero me gustaría pregutnarte si conoces una empresa o alguien (que pueda hacer factura) que pudiese revisaa un artículo en inglés para poder enviarlo a una revista internacional. Gracias por adelantado.