Monday, December 18, 2006

is this CLIL?

I find amazing material every day, like this video.

Could this be used to teach Maths in English? to introduce a lesson on logarithms? to teach some expressions in English? or even pronunciation? or to talk about relationships? Great anyway,


José Luis Cabello said...

Sorry, Isabel, but I can't see the video. Could you fix it or write the link?

Thank you for your kind reply to my comment on the previous post.

I have been reading your wonderful thesis on ESL webquests these days. Every language teacher should read it.

Please, tell us more often about the amazing things you find.

Isabel Pérez said...

the video is from you tube,

great that you made use of my "tesis", I'm really honoured by this. Thank you!

José Luis Cabello said...

Just seen it, thanks. It is good and funny; I am sure it can be used in the classroom in several ways.
Have you seen "The Scary Trailer" activity by Alejandro Valero at El Tinglado?
It uses a youtube video too.